All right, kid. But you’d better be right about this. All right. What’s your plan? Uh…Threepio, hand me those binders there will you? Okay. Now, I’m going to put these on you. Okay. Han, you put these on. Don’t worry, Chewie. I think I know what he has in mind. Master Luke, sir! Pardon me for asking…but, ah…what should Artoo and I do if we’re discovered here? Lock the door! And hope they don’t have blasters. That isn’t very reassuring.

Close up formation. You’d better let her loose. Almost there! I can’t hold them! It’s away! It’s a hit! Negative. Negative! It didn’t go in. It just impacted on the surface. Red Leader, we’re right above you. Turn to point… oh-five, we’ll cover for you. Stay there… I just lost my starboard engine. Get set to make your attack run.

Well, that’s the trick, isn’t it? And it’s going to cost you something extra. Ten thousand in advance. Ten thousand? We could almost buy our own ship for that! But who’s going to fly it, kid! You? You bet I could. I’m not such a bad pilot myself! We don’t have to sit here and listen… We haven’t that much with us. But we could pay you two thousand now, plus fifteen when we reach Alderaan. Seventeen, huh! Okay. You guys got yourself a ship. We’ll leave as soon as you’re ready. Docking bay Ninety-four. Ninety-four. Looks like somebody’s beginning to take an interest in your handiwork. All right, we’ll check it out.

Red Leader… This is Gold Leader. We’re starting out attack run. I copy, Gold Leader. Move into position. Stay in attack formation! The exhaust post is… marked and locked in! Switch power to front deflector screens. How many guns do you think, Gold Five. I’d say about twenty guns. Some on the surface, some on the towers. Death Star will be in range in five minutes. Switching to targeting computer. Computer’s locked. Getting a signal. The guns…they’ve stopped! Stabilize your read deflectors. Watch for enemy fighters.

Stand by, Chewie, here we go. Cut in the sublight engines. What the…? Aw, we’ve come out of hyperspace into a meteor shower. Some kind of asteroid collision. It’s not on any of the charts. What’s going on? Our position is correct, except…no, Alderaan! What do you mean? Where is it? Thats what I’m trying to tell you, kid. It ain’t there. It’s been totally blown away. What? How? Destroyed…by the Empire!

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash